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Economists have pointed out that “following the crowd” is Vietnam’s biggest problem in programming its economic development.

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resort destination development chicken and egg


Vietnam’s emerging resort destination airports face a classic chicken-or-egg dilemma. Do resort hotels come first or does air lift capacity come first?

Until there are passenger volumes airlines are not interested. Until airlines start servicing a destination hotel developers are not interested.

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The post Bridging the project development knowledge gap touched on the importance of cross disciplinary thinking for project development.

Here educator and thinker Ken Robinson credits this approach and believes cross disciplinary thinking is necessary for organizational innovation.

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Danny Nguyen from VB Law, Vietnam has provided this update.

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As a developer where do you get your development ideas?  Are development ideas:

  • Handed down from business stakeholders?
  • Following what your competitors are doing?
  • Accepting the advise of market consultants and design consultants?
  • Or do you do your own research and formulate your own ideas?


Based on where you get your ideas from are you leading the market, in-line with the market or lagging the market?

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Andrew Leong, Contributor

Design is about how it works not just how it looks

Any type of development requires design to make it work. Whether products, services, software, resorts, tourism or land development. As Steve Jobs said in a 1997 interview with Wired Magazine  “People think that design is how it looks, but it goes much deeper than that, it is actually how it works”. I would add – works not just in a physical sense but also economically.

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Esteban Biondi, Contributor
Florida, USA

ATM Marina Planning & Design

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infrastructure planning

When infrastructure planning precedes master planning you get situations like the image above. How about situations where entire zones are poorly planned?  Continue Reading…

land development strategy

Developing a successful land development project is a relatively simple process, if you’re doing things correctly. In fact, with the right strategy, it’s quicker to embark on the path to success than it is for a developer with no strategy.

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Andrew Leong, Contributor

There’s a space-time knowledge gap between the investor/developer and project consultants.

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Hotel Management Agreement Mistakes to Avoid

This article is by Jim Butler from  Hotel Law Blog.

The successful matching of a hotel brand and operator with an asset and its owner is an important determinant of the financial and operational success of a hotel project. Aside from the right “marriage” partners, the terms of the management contract tying them together is critical, because it will likely govern the relationship for decades and is hard to change once cast.

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Frank Gehry on value engineering

Frank Gehry doesn’t design cookie-cutter buildings. Continue Reading…

stephen covey big rocks first

Put in the big rocks first!

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The Development Advisor – an animated video by Xtranormal.

Choosing selecting resort architect

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Here’s 10 reasons why you might want to work with a development advisor.

  1. You’ve no clue where to start.
  2. You’ve no time – you’re better off spending time on your core business.
  3. You want help translating your idea into reality.
  4. You only care whether the finished product works, comes on budget and makes money – everything in between you’re not interested.
  5. You believe the best results come from integrating physical design, market opportunities and project economics.
  6. You want to maximize development value.
  7. You want to establish a realistic development budget.
  8. You want a tightly managed development budget.
  9. You want someone managing day-to-day aspects of the development process.
  10. You want to manage consultant’s expectations.

Photo: Dave Dugdale

resort project development consultants

In the previous post, What Your Development Advisor Needs to Tell You, the information you received brought you to a decision point – whether or not to proceed to the next level. This next level is the Concept Design stage.  If you decide to proceed to Concept Design you will have to obtain the services of project consultants:  Continue Reading…

Are you confused by the variety of architects and design consultants on the market? After talking to several who should you appoint to design your property? An architects service consist of both technical and creative aspects making selection more complex than say engaging a cost consultant. Here’s several criteria you should factor in your decision process.

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The design brief is the document to brief your consultants about the intended project.  It sets the direction for the architect, interior designer, engineer and cost consultant on how the project planning should proceed.  Below is a list to give you an idea of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the design brief.

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In the previous post you learned about ‘briefing’ your development manager. You also learned about basic fact finding your development advisor should be doing if he’s to serve your best interest.

In this second installment you will be learning what other information your development manager should be presenting to you. Continue Reading…

Property Real Estate Development Manager Advisor

How should you brief the development manager or advisor if you’re the client?  And what answers should you expect from the development manager / advisor?  Continue Reading…

Before getting to why you need a development advisor or development manager let’s find out why you don’t need one.  Continue Reading…

property development process
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