Bali: Minimal Planning + Minimal Enforcement = Development Creep

Bali: Minimal Planning + Minimal Enforcement = Development Creep

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Bali Agricultural Land Loss


In the face of rapid tourism growth on a land scarce island there are only a few expansion options.

Unfortunately, without clear and enforceable land use and planning regulations haphazard development creep is one of these options.

If you are a responsible resort developer or consultant, given a choice, should you encroach on sensitive areas in the name of profit?


Saving Bali’s Changing Landscape

Most residents of Bali are increasingly concerned with the current free-for-all of allowing investors to change long-standing and pre-designated uses of land in Bali to suit the specific needs of their investment project.

The rapid loss of agricultural zones, no-build “green zones,” and infringement on setback areas from temples, rivers and seaside locations are raising alarm among many in the community that the face of Bali is being irrevocably damaged by the demands of business with little regard for the long-term implications on Bali’s culture.



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