Asia coastal tourism development ‘Heat Map’

Asia coastal tourism development ‘Heat Map’

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Since starting this website we have curated and collected geographical location of relevant news event related to coastal destination development in Asia. This news is broadly categorized in terms of tourism development and associated infrastructure development, resort development, environment management (or lack of) and cruise port development. We thought we’d share this with the coastal development community here.

Each point or icon in the map above represents a single news event. An icon with ‘+’ sign indicates multiple news events for a single location. It’s not a true heat map with ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ bands you are accustomed to. However, from the clustering of icons you get a sense of which destinations are making the news.

Some icons appear out-of-place. If a news or post has more than one icon the software algorithm consolidates multiple icons into one to show in the master map above. Click on one and you’ll know what I mean.

This is a ‘live’ map in that every future news item with a geographical location gets updated automatically onto the map.


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