About Asia Coastal

About Asia Coastal

Welcome to TheDevelopmentAdvisor.

We are a niche business blog covering coastal tourism destination development in Asia. The epic rise of the Asia middle class offers an unparalleled opportunity for resort and real estate developers and investors, development consultants, national tourism planners and hospitality industry professionals. We aim to be at the front of this wave by providing regional news curation and coastal tourism and resort development perspectives.



Curating the Asia coastal destination development news

Having been involved with coastal tourism destination development most my working life it was obvious that there was a lack of focused news and information about this aspect of real estate development. Sure, you could find information from many different sources – travel trade news, hotel news, national news, industry news, etc. But it’s quite a challenge to monitor this news stream continually. What we do here is curate this news stream for you.


Topic coverage

We cover the development aspects of coastal tourism – planning, infrastructure, environment, hotels and resorts, cruise and marina.


Geographical coverage

From coastal India in the west to the Philippines in the east, from Hainan in the north to Indonesia in the south, the countries in between and a little bit on Hawaii and Australia.



Providing development perspectives

On top of curating news we also give perspectives on coastal destination development – covering resort planning and development, tourism development and other related areas. This is useful for new developers who are not familiar with the ins and outs of this industry.


A more optimal approach

The development scope for resort, land and tourism projects is very diverse. Firstly, there is a knowledge gap between investors/developers/public authorities and design consultants. Investors may be financially astute and consultants may be technically proficient but the two seldom meld effectively into one. Secondly, a lack of a cross-disciplinary approach means projects are not necessarily planned coherently. As a result, projects are not optimized at many levels – technically, financially and strategically. We hope that the information provided here can help you bridge this gap.


Industry Contributors

Aside from our own articles we also welcome content from industry contributors offering a broader perspective from their geographical location and area of expertise. The posts you read here are contributed by practicing architecture, master planning, real estate, hospitality and environment consultants based in Asia.



What readers are saying . . .


Resort land owner, Lombok, Indonesia:

Your articles . . . widens my understanding of the hospitality (development) industry

Resort architect, Singapore:

I am impressed and read your articles in Development Advisor with much interest.

Resort developer, Philippines:

Your blog always has much value . . .

Marina developer, Spain:

I follow with interest your posts from “The Development Advisor” and have learn more about the industry on the ASEAN region thanks to your insights.

Master planner, Dubai, commenting on Comparing Asia’s Tourism Coastlines:

A country’s coastline and the relation to its economy and tourism income is a very interesting subject.

Architect, Vietnam

I highly appreciate your (TDA) approach . . . I think the industry needs analysts like you.

Resort Developer, Lombok/Australia

Your Development Advisor certainly assists me in keeping up to date. Keep up the good work.


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